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Meet our amazing partners

We collaborate with a range of leading fitness, health and wellness practitioners so we can bring you the best possible Solesearcher Adventures experience. We are also deeply connected with many elite athletes, motivational speakers, life coaches, photographers, film-makers and creatives. When you join any of our trail missions and running retreats you get access to so much more than just a run guide. Click the links to find out more about some of our partners.

K2 Base Camp is a globally renowned outfitter with a team who actually live the adventurous life. They are our preferred kit supplier and your go-to place for everything you need on your next epic Solesearcher Adventure.

Andres Zimeri of AZK Peak Performance Training delivers world-class athlete coaching services in person and online. He has also designed a specific 4 week build program for customers of Solesearcher Adventures. You can purchase the plan in our store.

Natalie is a super experienced yoga instructor who teaches in person and online across a range of styles including hot, power, and vinyasa flow, to more yin styles with trigger point and muscle release. Oh, and she's an amazingly talented (and well-published) raw foodie too.

Meet Tessa, our magical Myotherapist and Massage Therapist with more insight than most into what keeps athletes in top form. Visit her in person or online at the Health Place.

Bec is another of our amazing partners specialising in female athletic health and nutrition optimised for performance and recovery in conjunction with hormonal cycles. She is an experienced Osteopath and Clinical Nutritionist who also happens to be an outstanding athlete.

Lyndsie Zacheis is one of our truly inspiring motivational speaker partners. Come and be captivated as you listen to her share how The Play Way will help you reconnect with your inner child and discover the amazing power of play and kindness in your every day. Oh, and get ready to be inducted as a new Play Ninja!

Lorin is another of our inspirational motivating speakers whose stories, music and insights will both astonish and humble you. I won't steal his thunder - just come along and listen to him. It'll make you want to do more with your life for sure.

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