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Our People

Meet our super fun and experienced run crew.

Who are we?

We are a super groovy mix of athletes with varying backgrounds and some rather impressive sporting achievements - although that is not everything. We are also a group of individuals who have each overcome some tough life challenges and learned that both passion and persistence always beats basic talent. When you focus your energy and efforts on a worthwhile goal, you feel the motivating force that always accompanies it and this is what carries you when the going gets tough. Come run with us and share some life experiences, trail banter and a bit of physical exertion... and some pretty epic views too!

Joel is usually outside as much of the time as he can be. His passion for the outdoors was kindled as a youth when he spent lots of time at the beach, camping, hiking with friends and family and riding bikes. He has always been a trailrunner but has also expanded his love of adventure to include mountain biking and multi-sport racing. He has travelled extensively through Europe and the USA to go running in some of the most amazing landscapes and is super keen to share a Solesearcher Adventure with you soon.


Natalie is quite possibly the most boss-looking ultra runner you will ever meet. She lives for trails and spends a lot of time 'out there' running with her fav training partner, Lucy - a superdog who also looks boss in her special trail goggles. Nat is originally from Germany and she has run in many places around the world, including in some of the toughest races you can find. Her biggest distance so far was a 200-miler aptly called Delirious W.E.S.T. which had plenty of kilometres of sand running just to add a little more spice to the event. When you run with Nat it is always an adventure.


Adam is an amazing all-rounder who has lived and worked in Asia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Besides currently training to be a qualified mountain climbing guide, he has been a ski instructor, Australian representative triathlete, and obviously a trail runner who endlessly pursues steep rock, snow and stunning alpine scenery. In summary, Adam is generally not still for very long. Given his wide array of sporting interests and achievements, Adam has plenty of stories to tell and loves a bit of good trail banter. It will be memorable running alongside him, that's for sure.


Margo is not your typical trail runner - not the least of which is because she is also a world champion triathlete and duathlete. Margo has travelled the world and competed at the highest levels despite not turning professional. Her background and qualifications as a secondary school sports educator and triathlon coach also makes her an interesting and very capable run guide. Running with Margo at full race pace is not a comfortable experience for pretty much anyone. Fortunately she winds it back a few notches when she is keeping the pack together. If you asked Margo what her fav trail options are, it would include lots of vert. She just really loves hills. Don't we all?


Yaron is a machine! He has a passion for off road obstacle course racing and has qualified for world championships in the 50km long course, Spartan Ultra Beast racing format. Yaron is a regular both on the trails and in the ice baths. Yes, he does it to himself intentionally - apparently as part of his miraculous recovery regimen. Yaron has also lived in multiple places around the world and has chosen Brisbane as his home where he can run shirtless all year round and complete multiple loops on 'the stairs of death' as part of his weekly training. Be prepared to laugh a lot when you run with Yaron.


Meet Andrew, a man of many fascinating dimensions and one who can dig really deep when the going gets tough. Andrew has an early background in cross country running and track cycling but over time has shifted his focus to ultra running. He has competed in a variety of racing formats including the gruelling timed endurance track running races which require athletes to run continuously around a 400m track for either 6, 12 or 24 hours to see how many kilometres they can rack up. Yeah, he is next level but great fun to have a runchat with!


Craig is perhaps the member of our team who has reached the highest stature as a trail runner. It's mainly because he is 6'3``. Craig has raced as a triathlete since leaving high school but took up ultra trail running somewhere along the way and has just kept going... and going, and going!. His collection of race bling is quite impressive. Besides actually being a draftsman, he is also very good to draft behind, so if you see that opportunity, take it. Although Craig has not raced all around the world, his experience on the trails of south-east Queensland is invaluable and he has loads of local knowledge and stories to share.


Kirsty is another one of our amazing endurance athlete run guides who has repeatedly proven her extroadinary capacity in some of the hardest and longest multi-sport endurance races n the world. Kirsty is also a qualified coach and sports dietician who has so much experience and knowledge helping athletes achieve their goals and overcome injuries and other challenges. Her athletic achievements include podium finishes in Ultraman triathlon, and a number of Australian team appearances in both aquathlon and the pinnacle of long course triathlon racing stages at the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawai'i. Oh, and don't be fooled by her size... she can run the socks off you!

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