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Our Story

Chase your dreams!

How did we get here?

The idea for Solesearcher Adventures evolved from the personal pursuit and enjoyment of many truly amazing trailrunning missions and experiences all over the world.

It was while in these extraordinary landscapes of harsh deserts, lush forests and staggering mountain tops in many remote locations that the idea of sharing such epic scenes and inspiring moments with small groups of other people became my ambition. I mean, I have always loved trailrunning, but the idea of genuinely creating opportunities to share some special yet challenging journeys with people who are looking to reach deep into their soul to find what they are truly capable of, made me very excited.

So, in order to figure out how to create an adventure tourism business that offers something inspiring, attainable and different from anything else out there, I spent three years traveling to more amazing places to run, meeting new people with skills and experience I did not have and logging many long hours of research.

After carefully distilling all that time, experience and information, I decided on the name, Solesearcher Adventures. The not-so-subtle play on words with the spelling for Solesearcher suggests three important ideas. Firstly, this is a running experience. Secondly, this is about digging deep and searching your soul while we share the trail together. Lastly, but not least, is the Latin root word, Sol – meaning sun or source of light.

Together, these three ideas form a perfect synergy creating the image of running with all your heart towards the greatest source of light. Therefore, the simple ethos of Soleseacher Adventures is to encourage everyone to literally chase their big dreams. Dream it and then do it!

The metaphor in our logo of a trailrun leading to a mountain summit sunrise cannot be any more appropriate – the climb may be hard but the effort will be worth it. Only those who dare to go all the way get the gift of the incredible views and the immense feelings of satisfaction at having accomplished something truly personally challenging.

So come join us on one of our next Solesearcher Adventures and we will take you to places you did not know you could go and help you do things you did not know you could do.

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