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Go Epic


You'd better grab your passport!

When it comes to adventure, there are few things as accessible to almost anyone, or indeed as exciting, as trailrunning. Simply tie up your trail shoes, grab a hat, slip on a hydration vest, throw in a nut bar and go. Now amp that up a lot and head off overseas to run in truly epic places you have only seen on TV and you will get the sense of adventure we are talking about. Think really big, like Pyrenees mountains in France kind of big. Or perhaps the Dolomite mountains of Italy kind of big. While we’re at it, how about road tripping USA sort of big? Then add in all the cultural, culinary and curiosity factors and you will understand that this is not just a trailrunning holiday – this is legitimately an adventure of a lifetime. Let the Solesearcher Adventures crew take you there.

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