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Cut Loose - One Day

Our one day trailrunning adventures are perfect for those with a hectic schedule who can only manage to cut loose for the day. We will take you to places that make you forget the world and remember there is more to life than what is on your to-do list. Pencil in your next long run with us and afterwards enjoy a refreshing recovery session as well as some great food and conversation.

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Breathe - Under a Week

If you are trying to catch your breath and looking for an experience rather than just a hotel holiday, then come join the Solesearcher Adventures team for a bit of epic trailrunning on literally some of the best trails in the world. Choose your own luxury trailrunning retreat from a variety of beautiful locations and stay away between two and four days. Spending time in the natural world is certainly wonderful, and so is a relaxing yoga session, amazing food, meeting new friends and hearing from some inspiring people. This is just part of the itinerary, so get around it and book yourself in for a Breathe adventure with us soon.

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Revive - Over a Week

Nothing says ‘holiday’ more than taking at least a week out of your life to do something different in a totally different place. That is exactly how you will feel on one of our longer Solesearcher Adventures trailrunning retreats. Come revive yourself with us as together we explore the dense hinterlands and tropical rainforests of Queensland or the pristine north-west wilderness areas of Tasmania. Stay in beautiful accommodation, fill your soul with inspiring scenery and share a trailrunning adventure with new friends. Talk to us today about where you could go for your next amazing escape.

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Go Epic - Overseas

When it comes to adventure, there are few things as accessible to almost anyone, or indeed as exciting, as trailrunning. Simply tie up your trail shoes, grab a hat, slip on a hydration vest, throw in a nut bar and go. Now amp that up a lot and head off overseas to run in truly epic places you have only seen on TV and you will get the sense of adventure we are talking about. Think really big, like Pyrenees mountains in France kind of big. Or perhaps the Dolomite mountains of Italy kind of big. Then add in the cultural, culinary and curiosity factors and you will understand that this is not just a trailrunning holiday – this is an adventure of a lifetime. Let us take you there.

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