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Am I fit enough?

Let's get you out there

A question we often get asked is, “how fit do I need to be to run with you?” Well, the simple answer to that is, fit enough to enjoy a social run in a spectacular environment! It is truly amazing how far you can go with those sorts of distractions.

Here at Solesearcher Adventures, our aim is to bring runners of all ages and abilities together to share their love of the outdoors and the feeling of freedom that comes with trailrunning. As a minimum, you should be able to run about 10km continuously and relatively comfortably. Our trailruns will typically range from approximately 8km to 25km.

Of course, our longer run sessions will be in super inspiring locations with breathtaking views that require obligatory epic photo opportunities as well as all necessary snack breaks. As we said, the miles will just float by as you absorb your beautiful surroundings. Oh, and there will always be both a lead and a tail run guide so that we keep the group connected.

So get around it and choose your adventure today. You really won’t regret it!

For those that want to feel a little more prepared for their adventure with us, we have a fully structured 4 week training program specifically designed by one of our experienced coaches to help you get ready and build your base level of fitness.

For the best value, you can download a free copy of the preparation program from our store with any multi-day Solesearcher Adventure, or you can purchase it separately. Either way, you will find it is a very useful approach for building positive movement routines and exercise habits into your life.

As a bonus, when you download the preparation program you also get the chance to speak to our coach who will help personalise the program to your current circumstances and fitness level.

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