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What will I need to bring?

Pack your things

Heading off on an adventure is an exciting experience. However, having the right kit always makes it better, safer and easier. So, we have created a gear list to assist you in understanding the types of equipment to pack in your kit for your adventure. For major items we have included a link to our recommended stockists where you will receive preferential service and discounted pricing. Please note, ALL items must be carried at ALL times when on the trails with us. We complete a gear check prior to each trail mission to ensure each person is properly prepared. If you have any questions about the kit list, please contact Solesearcher Adventures prior to your trip departure and we will be very happy to help.

This needs to be comfortable and form-fitting, as you will be wearing it for hours at a time. It is recommended you are familiar with your run vest features and usage prior to commencing your adventure with us.


Salomon Adv Skin 12L

Osprey Dyna 6 Litre

You will typically need a minimum 2L of hydration capacity. This can be in the form of soft bladders, flasks or bottles. It is advisable to bring soft containers as they save weight and compact easily when not full or in use.


Water Bladders and Bottles

Please only bring footwear specifically suited to trailrunning. Your safety and comfort depend on it. Sandshoes and road running shoes are not recommended. It is also highly recommendd to make sure your shoes are broken in – meaning don’t show up on the first day with shoes you have never worn. Our collective experience tells us that does not often end well!


Mens Trail Shoe

When you are on the trails for an extended period of time, layering your clothing to suit the conditions is your best option. So, items which are lightweight, quick drying, and comfortable are what you want to bring. Cotton is not recommended. Solesearcher Adventures offers a special discount code for a wide range of premium clothing available for purchase from our recommended stockists.


Trail Running Socks

A good quality jacket will last you a long time and is an essential part of a trailrunner’s kit. The best type of jacket will be breathable with fully taped (not critically taped) waterproof seams and have an adjustable hood. Ideally the jacket would have a waterproof rating of over 15,000mm HH. Plastic rain ponchos, wind jackets, water resistant jackets are NOT suitable.


Mens Jacket

Womens Jacket

If you are as keen as we are on trailrunning adventures, then owning a decent quality thermal top is worthwhile. Cotton, Coolmax, Lycra and compression garments are NOT suitable. Polypropylene clothing is recommended due to its warmth and weight. Merino is appropriate as it is a blend of both. 100% Merino is typically too warm for most of our adventures.


Thermal Top

If you do not already own one or two dry sacks, then a suitably sized ziplock bag will suffice. We recommend using your dry sacks for keeping your spare clothing and batteries in. A 3 to 5 litre capacity bag is best.


Exped Ultralight Dry Bag

Having a good quality headlamp is not only helpful but also a necessary safety item. It must provide at least 150 lumens so you can light up obstacles on the track and also your fellow trailrunners. Pro tip, ensure it has new batteries or is fully charged. Spares are highly recommended and do not take up much space or add too much extra weight but certainly provide a lot of reassurance if your lights unexpectedly go out.


Petzl Actik Core

Bring along a good sized ziplock bag for keeping your personal rubbish in. Solesearcher Adventures and the pristine National Parks we explore, operate on a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy.

When you accompany us on a Solesearcher Adventures trail mission, your run guides will always carry a comprehensive first aid kit, and are trained in its use. However, we also rely on you to carry any specific personal medication you require on your body at all times e.g. asthma puffer or EPI pen.

Other recommended, but not mandatory, items include:

  • Anti-chafe/body lubricant
  • Sunscreen
  • Trucker hat, visor, running cap
  • Buff
  • Calf compression socks
  • Shoe gaiters and spare socks
  • Favourite trail snacks and food
  • Spare headlamp batteries
  • External charger and phone cable

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